Saturday, October 29, 2011

Xernan Orticio: PEFTA 2011 winner

A few weeks ago, Philippine fashion week regular Xernan Orticio bagged the top prize for Preview Emerging Talent Awards(PEFTA) competition for 2011. The said competition aims to help one budding design talent to maximize his or her potential as a fashion designer by helping them turn their passion for fashion into a successful enterprise.
Half of the roster included fresh-from-the-pan graduates from the country’s prominent fashion schools, while the other half was composed of designer’s which Preview has worked with in Past magazine issues in which includes Xernan Orticio. The engagement was a sequel for the “Ten designers to watch out for” list.

Xernan Orticio’s Anipostera, a dragonfly-inspired capsule collection, captivated the interest of fashion enthusiasts and judges who attended the show. “I used a technical process of pattern-cutting to achieve the razor sharp detailing in gunmetal, teal, and ultramarine silk gazar fabric that mimics the iridescent colors of the dragonfly.” explained by Xernan Orticio
The 20 year old designer presented a 6-look lineup that has upgraded classic wardrobe staples we use for day-to-day living which featured geometric wing patterns that demonstrated garments cuts and symmetric layouts. This young talent’s spring summer collection will be a sight to behold as we await what he has in-store for us this coming Philippine Fashion Week.

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